Connecting projects and people for safer cities

How it works

The network will work, fundamentally, based on the following four pillars:  Awareness, Action, Research and Policy. See below a short explanation of how we will explore each of them and, little by little, the projects developed on each front.

We will work on this pillar in order to publicize the cause and promote awareness of the various factors that influence the feeling of safety and shelter provided by public spaces. This way, we aim to promote debates, conversations, lectures and workshops on different contexts related to the topic of urban safety, as well as campaigns on public harassment, events and congresses on urban inclusion. We will also support partner initiatives related to the topic, strengthening the purpose of the network.

Projects already developed in this topic: 

Launch video – Desabafo

Promoted by a team almost entirely composed of women engaged in promoting a more gender-inclusive society, considering all the perspectives that we “women” can have. The video was based on a poem Curitiba-born author Julie Fank – BUBBLES-plastic.

Debate Panel “What is your role in building a more inclusive city for everyone?”

Promoted at the launching event of the project, on March 7, 2019, before about 500 attendees. It included the President of inCities, Laís Leão, the FAE University Center Coordinator of Architecture and Urbanism, Prof. Adriane Savi, and the Curitiba City-Councilor Maria Letícia Fagundes. The panel discussed how each of us can contribute to creating fairer cities for everyone.

Monthly Conversation Circles

Every month, only in Curitiba at the moment, we promote Conversation Circles that aim to generate spaces for welcoming and listening! For now, they are only open to women, but we will open mixed spaces soon. Stay tuned on our social media to be part of it! Soon there will be more Circles in other Brazilian cities.

Semana Curitiba Inclusiva

Semana de discussões desenvolvida em Curitiba para análise do cenário da inclusão em Curitiba, sob as vertentes da Inclusão de Gênero, Ambiental, de Acessibilidade, Mobilidade, Diversidade e Governança. A Semana fez parte do Circuito Urbano 2019 e teve Apoio Institucional da ONU Habitat. 

– Campanha 30 hábitos para criar cidades mais seguras

Campanha desenvolvida no instagram @incities, com 30 hábitos que cada indivíduo pode desenvolver para criar, a cada dia, uma cidade mais segura e inclusiva para todas e todos.


We will work on this pillar aiming at the promotion, support and articulation of direct actions in favor of safer and more gender-inclusive cities. We will also promote the connection between projects, ideas and volunteers willing to collaborate in promoting those actions.

Projects already developed in this topic

– Your Route Safer Program

A pilot project, launched in October 2019, aiming to improve the perception of safety in walking with the engagement of local businesses. Click above to learn more about the project.

We will work on this pillar in order to provide support and references for people who are interested in developing studies and collect data related to urban safety. We will open calls for technical support for studies related to the topic and articulate connections between researchers, partner institutions and volunteers to promote data collection in specific contexts.

Projects already developed in this topic

– Auditorias de Segurança Urbana para Mulheres

Visando produzir diagnóstico sobre segurança urbana sob perspectiva de gênero, a inCities realiza, em parceria com outras organizações privadas e públicas, auditorias de segurança urbana por e para mulheres. Os resultados das auditorias podem ser utilizados para efetuar melhorias urbanas nos entornos estudados.


Stay tuned we will soon publish the first calls for research support  from inCities!

We will work on this pillar with a view to focusing on urban safety public policies that take gender, race and social profiles into consideration and promote more inclusive and welcoming cities for everyone.


Projects already developed or under development in this topic

Curitiba City Council Public Hearing

On September 10th, at 2 pm, the Curitiba City Hall held a Public Hearing on “Safe and Inclusive Cities for Women” at its Auditorium II! We will start our advocacy and public participation work in style!

Mobilização, Audiência Pública e Consulta Pública na Assembléia Legislativa do Estado do Paraná

Dia 11 de Março de 2020 ocorreu a Audiência Pública Cidades Seguras par Mulheres na Assembléia Legislativa do Estado do Paraná, numa parceria com os gabinetes dos deputados Mabel Canto, Goura Nataraj e Ademar Traiano e o Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Paraná, por meio da Comissão de Equidade de Gênero. O passo seguinte à Audiência Pública foi a realização de uma consulta pública, coordenada pela inCities, sobre insegurança urbana e perspectiva de gênero. Espera-se que a mobilização torne-se um projeto de lei no Estado.