Connecting projects and people for safer cities

Manifesto por cidades inclusivas


We live in times driven by renewal. We seek innovation, building new paradigms, possibilities, and opportunities. Our country is facing a deep moral, political and, consequently, urban crisis. The people call for structural changes. We can no longer afford to neglect our resources, our culture, our spaces, our people. Tired of acting only as observers of the indifference to our rights, we are ready to create new paths to advance.

inCities was born out of the desire to follow new paths. A Network for Inclusive Cities that seeks to connect, articulate and promote actions in favor of safer and more accessible cities. For everyone.A collective of projects and people, obstinate in developing spaces that promote safe and inclusive access to the city, housing, transportation, and leisure. Without leaving anyone out.

Cities that embrace you

We want safer cities. We want inclusive cities. We want cities that allow themselves to accommodate diverse people. We want healthy cities and urban spaces that promote democratic movement along their sidewalks, streets and squares. We want equality in the right to feel safe in public spaces, in the perception of safety. We want to feel good when walking along the street. We want to be able to go to the bakery, school, work and drugstore in a straightforward route, and without fear.

We want to be able to walk at night without suffering any violence for who we are. We want not to be harassed, sexually assaulted, raped. We want lighted walking paths. We want to challenge high walls and narrow sidewalks. We want everyone to be more responsible for the territory – whether public or private. We want to be no longer afraid of the loose nature and high bushing within an empty lot.

We want to use public transport without harm. We want to ride a bike. We want skirts to be just fresh clothes, not an invitation for harassment. We want to be able to walk alone whenever it feels like doing it. We want to be able to choose our means of transportation without considering fear as the most relevant factor of our choices. We believe that cities that are safe for women will be safe for everyone. We want all women, regardless of social class, to be able to travel safely and equally through their cities.

We want our insecurities to be considered. We want to keep women from being abused daily in their cities. We want free movement. We want safe housing, and we want to arrive home safely. We want to do and feel part of it. We want to take possession of the spaces that also belong to us.

A political city

We want cities that represent all of their inhabitants, and not just a small portion that holds political and urban decision-making power. We understand that the context of unsafe urban development for women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities is directly related to a still very uneven representation in the spheres of power. We want everyone represented when deciding for our cities. We want gender parity in the Chambers – we want diversity in urban decision-making.

We want public policies that guarantee our safety, and that build smart and inclusive cities. We want broad diversity in the construction of those policies. We want information, we want academic involvement, and a scientific representation of reality. We want these studies to be taken into account in urban policy-building.

We believe that we need to arrive at a collective understanding of the relevance of daily commuting without fear. We need to understand, as a society, how much we have lost by preventing women from taking possession of all public spaces. We want to talk about socially intelligent cities.

Connecting to change

We believe in collective action to create the cities and spaces we want. We understand that a diversity of skills and perspectives about the world will build the best path to reinvent urban environments.

We want cities that communicate with different sectors of society and ensure equal access to all spaces and infrastructure. We want to connect with everyone, ensuring that individual networks enhance their performance in a solid, strong, and dynamic collective network.

For this new future, new cities and a new society that is more inclusive and safer for everyone, we believe in the power of our connections. Connections between people, skills, projects, and initiatives. Connections between visions, ideologies, and individual dreams in favor of a collective dream of a truly innovative country in welcoming its diversities. 

That's why we invite you to join us!