Connecting projects and people for safer cities

Who we are, our Mission and Vision

InCities is a Network for Inclusive Cities that seeks to support and articulate initiatives, ideas and individuals working towards safer and more inclusive cities for everyone. We aim to be a reference on gender-inclusive cities, as we believe that inclusive cities for women (in all their specificities) will end up being inclusive cities for everyone.

We will work through calls for technical support for action and research projects, as well as working directly on public policies and attention-drawing events and discussions on the agenda of inclusive public spaces. Additionally, we will seek to connect good ideas to the people who want to help and be part of the development of those ideals, with the goal of ending the current culture of naturalizing harassment and discomfort related to urban violence.

Like any network, we empower and support our members, ensuring that every action can be replicated in other cities, states and even countries. We seek to change the current state of urban violence and constant fear, and for that we rely on a great collective effort!

Our Background

The desire to promote actions on the topic of insecurity in urban spaces comes from the existence of a recurrent and normalized issue of urban violence in our society. Constant harassment in public spaces and the difficulty of commuting places a part of the population (especially women) under continuous stress. The fear of occupying urban spaces is a limiting factor for travel and freedom for many women, and this scenario generates serious emotional, social, and economic losses for the victims and for society.

Access to information on this issue is complex and the amount of information, especially on the Brazilian context, is scarce. There is a need to produce, collect and analyze data on the context of urban gender insecurity in Brazil and Latin America, also considering differences in skin color, class, and gender. The effort for producing this content, with efficiency and an urgent expression of reality in mind, must be collective and organized.

InCities emerged from a 2016 study carried out by architect and urban planner Laís Leão – current CEO of the network. The study happened precisely due to the lack of information on the subject and the difficulty of finding literature that actually discussed the topic. Survey results showed that women suffer greater insecurity in relation to public spaces than men and made it clear that this issue should be discussed and explored, in search of expressive collective solutions.

InCities aims to activate connections and people to provide for a more equal society and fairer cities, and it has emerged from a desire to promote a safer and inspiring environment for the creation and development of ideas, creating cities that are more welcoming for everyone. It offers a network that aims to spread engagement potentials, ensuring that each and every project can be replicated quickly and dynamically in the territory.

Principles and Values

We value collective engagement, commitment, ambition for change and the desire to transform the current state of history. We value diversity, the inclusion of different experiences and, above all, the universal human rights and their equality vis-à-vis individuals – believing that unequal situations must be dealt with, to the extent of their inequalities, by promoting integrative actions so that everyone can live in peace and harmony. We will not tolerate, within the network or otherwise, any behavior related to any kind of prejudice and oppression. Our principles are equality, collaboration and empathy, and we believe in a safer, more welcoming and inclusive world for everyone.